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AdKaka's BI platform can efficiently monetize your global mobile and web traffic from any compliant source

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Our Smart Link solution can provide you with great RPMs/eCPMs/EPCs all across the globe. All GEOs, all devices, all carriers.

2x Average eCPM

Our direct relationships with thousands of advertisers and exlcusive BI system allows AdKaka to offer the best eCPM for your quality traffic, many partners double even triple their earnings with AdKaka.

SuperLink® Auto-optimize Algorithm

Based on visitor’s device, GEO, carrier, context, behavior, and other factors, AdKaka’s SuperLink® machine learning algorithm will automatically calculate out the best performing campagin for each click.

Monetize All Countries

If you have large amounts of traffic coming from all different parts of the world and aren’t making enough money out of it or don’t even know how to monetize it. AdKaka can monetize globally, 100% of your inventory. All GEOs, all devices, all carriers.

Increase your eCPM by 100% with Artificial Intelligence

Hundreds of our partners tested that SuperLink increase their eCPM by 80%. With Artificial Intelligence technology AdKaka will increase these numbers even more.

This will be achieved by:

  • Machine learning algorithm based on large amount of proved conversions
  • Optimization of display timing and user data(GEO, device,  user behavior and preference, context)
  • Conversion improvement with landing page optimization

What Is Smartlink?

Smart links work by using an algorithm that decides what offer is shown for each specific user. The algorithm takes data about which user converts on what offer, analysis it, and uses this data to send visitors to an offer that is most likely to convert the user. So if the algorithm notices a particular offer performs well in Italy, then it will automatically send more Italian visitors to that offer. This ensures that an affiliate will get the best results from his traffic.

Why Monetizing With AdKaka?

Adkaka is a smartlink focused platform helping affiliates, app developers, webmasters, traffic networks & media buyers monetize their various traffic types such as popUnder ,popUp, redirects, interstitial, exit traffic & other unsold or untargeted traffic. With our exclusive algorithm “Superlink@”, each visit will be auto-optimized to get a highest eCPM.

PopUp & PopUnder traffic

Mobile Interstitial traffic

Redirects Traffic

Exit traffic

Push Traffic

Parked Domain & Other traffic

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